Finally, County’s Public Works has finished painting lanes at the the Rhode Island avenue / Edgewood Road intersection. I was at the intersection yesterday afternoon and took a few pictures. Please se them below.

They also turned on the traffic lights in “red p flashing” mode. According to County’s Public Works, the lights will start flashing until they become fully functional from tomorrow. They need to make the lights flashing for 3 days as part of the installation process.

This means that until tomorrow, we’ll have to drive at the intersection “with cautions”. The stop signs will still be operational until this Thursday with additional right turn lanes open. Thus as far as the traffic rule goes until Thursday, we’ll have to follow the rules that apply to stop signs.

Let us thank our County councilwoman Mary Lehman, Public Works Director Dr. Haitham Hijazi, project manager Mr. Dwight Joseph and their staff for a job very well done for our community.