In a new announcement, WSSC has said that it will begin a sewer studies in some part of north College Park.

Unlike the recent water main replacement work, that has left many part of the neighborhood streets ‘broken’ and still unrepaired, WSSC is promising the study will be ‘quiet’ and ‘will not disrupt neighborhood traffic’.

The study will be conducted from January to May in the part of the town, but exact dates have not been announced.

Areas / blocks of the north College Park that will be affected by the study are: 4300-4900 of 49th Ave., 8400-8700 of 48th Ave., 8600 of 51st Av., 8600-8700 of 5oth Place and 9000 of 48th Pl.

The study is part of a larger project that started in December 2009 and is expected to end in December this year. The study identifies sewer and manhole defects,such as sewer line leakage and exposed pipes in WSSC’s northeast branch sewer basin.