This tree in north College Park was removed by Pepco's post-storm tree pruning work

I reported earlier that Pepco will appear to our next Tuesday’s Council worksession. I asked residents to send me questions that we can discuss them during this meeting. Here are a few questions and comments I have so far.

First, I think we should commend Pepco for their work in restoring power following Hurricane / super storm Sandy in our area. We all agree that continuity of our power supply is critical and thus trees should be pruned if absolutely needed.

That said, things can be improved in the areas of communication with residents and also in enforcing policies on how much pruning needs to be done.

For example, according to this document (see section D), PSC requires Pepco to notify residents prior to their tree work. . Unfortunately, that did not seem to happen. Neighbors have complained to us saying that they did not receive any letter or email prior to Pepco’s post-Derecho tree works.

Also, per ANSI standard on vegetation management (A300-Part 1 section, Pepco is required that “a minimum number of pruning cuts should be made to accomplish the purpose of facility / utility pruning.” In many cases throughout the city, it’s been found that entire trees were removed, instead of minor pruning necessary for power line clearances.

If you have further questions about Pepco’s tree work please let me know. Thanks