City’s Public Works will be getting a new 2023 Aebi Schmidt All-Electric eSWINGO Street Sweeper for $353,957.97 to Intercon Truck of Baltimore, Inc.

The Council approved the contract at last Tuesday’s  meeting. The Council also awarded a second contract for the purchase of one (1) 2023 Crane Carrier Chassis and 25 Cubic Yard Loadmaster 25 cubic yard Split body packer for $379,045.00 to Grand Turk Equipment Co. Inc.

These two vehicles will replace an existing sweeper and a Split Body packer. Both vehicles have significant maintenance issues causing downtime, including body deterioration, and electrical and engine issues are at the end of their useful life.

The proposed electric compact sweeper will reduce annual diesel use by over 700 gallons and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The compact sweeper will be comparatively quieter when operating and capable of sweeping tight and narrow areas in the parking garage.