Today is the Department of Public Work’s In-Service Snow Training Day!

Because of the training, Department of Public Works is closed to the public today (no bulk collections, deliveries, or loading of compost/wood mulch will occur). We apologize for any inconvenience.

The purpose of this training is to prepare crews for snow clearing duties which include proper handling of materials, and proper maintenance and operation of equipment. Knowing the route is also essential. The In-Service Snow Training is a classroom session of training and a “Dry Run” of the routes which is a valuable safety practice. Dry run means driving the entire Heavy & Light Plow routes assigned to each driver in non-snow and ice conditions to help awareness of features that may impact snow plowing and spreading materials.

This pre-storm run is for drivers to inspect and observe landmarks and the locations of possible hazards (school locations, guardrails, curbs, tight streets, etc.) which may cause difficulty or be hidden by falling or plowed snow.

[City of College Park]