This week, June 19-25 is the National Pollinator week. At tonight’s meeting, the City Council made the following proclamation encouraging residents to participate in community activities that support and celebrate pollinator protection.

WHEREAS, College Park is home to many native wildlife and pollinator species such as birds, bees, hoverflies, and other insects, including leaf-cutter and mining bees, bumblebees, and monarch butterflies as well as hummingbirds, which keep our environment healthy and biodiverse; and

WHEREAS, College Park recognizes that human health ultimately depends on well-functioning ecosystems and that biodiverse regions can better support food production, protect healthy soil and air quality, and can foster healthy connections between humans and
nature; and

WHEREAS, College Park is working to build a healthy, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly community that brings the many benefits of nature to all corners of our community; and

WHEREAS, Pollinators play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Local native plant species and wildlife depend on pollination from many different types of organisms; and

WHEREAS, throughout urban communities, pollinators play a crucial role in maintaining sustainable urban agriculture particularly in local community gardens; and

WHEREAS, Pollinator species are in decline due to many human-driven actions, such as habitat loss due to urban sprawl, pesticide use, climate change and the spread of invasive species, causing many pollinator species to decline significantly; and

WHEREAS, National Pollinator Week is a national initiative that offers opportunities to individuals and communities to recognize the contribution of these members of our ecosystem, and help restore native habitat and support local pollinator species; and

WHEREAS, College Park will continue to support local, state and national efforts that protect, restore, and conserve habitat for pollinators, as well as foster a greater connection between residents and wildlife; and