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Proposed Water Wall in New City Hall may Cost Additional $685,000

At this Tuesday’s meeting, the City Council will vote on a design proposal to add a water feature to the new City Hall, which may cost as high as $685,000.

The current City Hall’s construction cost is estimated at $18.9 million. The City plans to borrow $12.7 million to support the construction budget.

The design plans for City Hall are nearing completion and the Project Manager has advised that if the City desires to include a water feature as part of the public plaza, a decision needs to be made as soon as possible but not later than October 31.

Options for a water feature have been proposed and order of magnitude cost estimates for equipment and installation prepared by Design Collective.

All options add costs to the budget but may offer opportunities for sponsorships. For example, the College Park Rotary may be in a position to pay for a plaza feature in exchange for name recognition. It is not clear at this time how much the Rotary may be willing to spend. Should they decide to sponsor a feature already included in the project budget such as a bus shelter, benches or landscaping, these funds could be applied to the cost of a water feature instead. Options under consideration are:

1. Water Wall – A wall structure is already included in the plaza design. The estimated cost of adding water is $235,385.
2. Pop Jet/Water Scrim (4 variations) – There are differences in pattern placements, movements, and lighting. The estimated cost range of these options is between $580,000 and $685,000


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  1. Daron Showalter

    Thanks for posting Fazlul. If anything, I would be in favor of the concept designs that allow the space to also be used as a splash park with the fountains coming out of the ground (concept 2, 3,5) as I think that would at least be better as a community gathering spot for kids/dogs/etc..

    That being said, we do have the splash park already at whole foods so the entire water wall feature to me this is more of a nice to have.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you Fazlul. I agree it would be nice to have a splash park as well as the water wall. I think this will help the area be more of a gathering place for families and could be one of the most community engaging aspects of the new city hall over the long term, making the space more interactive and lively.

  3. Carol Macknis

    I’m not sure why the city would spend money on a water item for the plaza. This city says that it’s environmentally responsible but any water item would waste electricity and water. One council member has said that rain water would be used. Where would that come from during a drought? Many areas of the country are becoming more and more concerned about having enough water to lice. Some effort is being put into looking at de-salting ocean water but, to date, all efforts are cost-prohibitive. If any water item is put in the plaza, I also don’t see any consideration being made to look at the maintenance, insurance (if someone falls due to the water making footing very slippery), etc. One council member said residents indicated a desire in a water item during resident sessions with the contractor. I went to one of the sessions and NOTHING was stated about design of the plaza — the topic of the plaza never came up! I don’t understand why this city needs to spend a large amount for such an unnecessary item–where’s fiscal responsibility?? I don’t even see having a water item in the plaza as a “nice to have”! This is also an example of the city’s concept of “aging in place” not working–folks can’t afford the taxes to support these unnecessary and costly things especially as they age!

  4. I agree with Carol Macknis 100%. We have a fire department that actually needs the money! What about the Animal Rescue and other such “help” groups????
    I was appalled that such an frivolous suggestion was even made!!!!

    My husband & I live on Social Security, which barely meets our needs, so every dollar is carefully thought out. If my city government is willing to throw money away it should be to me & others in my situation!

    Wake UP! It’s time your constitutes get help! Like health care for all AND lower our property taxes! Mine is now past $2000!!!!

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