Project “Beautify Hollywood”

The much infamous "Spooky House" - at the corner of Edgewood Road and Route 1

For some time, we have been discussing a small project to beautify various important sections of Hollywood and its surrounding neighborhood. The project would include landscaping, painting, tree planting etc. in these areas. If you live in this neighborhood or visit us often, you probably have seen many of these properties that do need such beautification work.

Take for example the property at the corner of Edgewood and Route 1. I often hear residents branding this property as “Spooky House”. The house is old but a very beautiful one. The owner has been trying hard to sell the house for a number of years, but because of market’s downturn and various reasons, he hasn’t been able to do that. In recent months he found homeless folks often staying at this house. This forced him to block off all windows and doors with plywood and cut-off power and water supply to the building.

Unfortunately the current look of the property does not help in giving a good image of our neighborhood, especially when this property sits at the entrance of Hollywood and College Park. This all goes against the fact that we’re putting efforts in marketing College Park to outsiders so that we can invite new residents moving to our neighborhood.

One idea to change the image of properties such as this is to work with the property owner and local volunteers and come up with a small weekend project to help beautify the property. The project may involve some small landscaping and painting outside the building.

There are a few other properties in Hollywood that may “qualify” for such improvements as well. Speaking with a few residents, it looks like getting volunteers will not be a huge problem. Council member Wojahn and I are also in talks with University of Maryland’s outreach department to recruits some student volunteers.

The project is in the idea state right now. I am sure there are other ideas you may have to beautify Hollywood and its surrounding neighborhood. If you have any, please feel free to let me know. I want to hear those ideas.

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