In response to “critical staffing shortages,” Prince George’s County Fire Chief Tiffany Green has announced a strategic plan to reassign career firefighters from four firehouses to other locations. This decision aims to alleviate the strain caused by excessive overtime and reduce burnout among personnel.

Chief Green communicated this plan through an internal memo in early June. In her letter to fire department personnel, obtained by 7News, she highlighted the negative impact of last year’s excessive mandatory callbacks and holdovers on staff. Despite efforts to increase staffing, short-term solutions are necessary to address these ongoing issues during the peak leave season.

The firehouses affected by this reassignment include Bunker Hill, Greenbelt, Bowie-Belair, and Berwyn Heights. Chief Green assured that the department would collaborate with the volunteer leadership of these stations and coordinate with surrounding stations to maintain emergency services.

“I understand that this temporary change to our staffing model is challenging for everyone,” Green wrote in her letter. “However, it is extremely necessary to balance our ability to provide efficient and effective emergency service delivery to our communities with reducing the significant burden of unsustainable mandatory holdovers and callbacks on our personnel.”

Starting at the end of the month, approximately 56 daywork and shiftwork personnel will be impacted by this change.

In response to this plan, a meeting was held yesterday at 7 p.m. at the Greenbelt Volunteer Fire Department. The meeting saw attendance from members of the town council, county council, volunteers, and fire officials, who discussed the implications and logistics of the staffing adjustments.

For more details, you can refer to the original 7News report.