Pregnancy Aid center Aims to Expand Operation

The Pregnancy Aid Center on Eirie Street is planning to build and additional building to meet the increase in demand for their service. Representatives from the center came before Council last week to talk about their detailed site plan that they have submitted to County’s planning department.

The Council will consider approving a resolution supporting the Pregnancy Aid Center Detailed Site Plan. The Plan includes

  • allow a 1-story building and lower ceiling height, to allow for zero building frontage build-out along Erie Street and 48th Avenue, allow for variable building setbacks, eliminate interior parking lot landscaping, to increase the number of parking spaces, to allow a lesser parking lot setback and to not provide any streetscape amenities along any street frontage at this time.
  • the departure to reduce the driveway width to less than 22 feet.
  • the site plan subject to the following conditions:
    • Moves the Parking Lot Light Pole, identified as Pole 1, at least 15 feet to the west to lessen light spillage to the residences located along the south side of Erie Street. The intent is to reduce illumination from 2.3 foot-candles in this area to as close to 0.0 foot-candles at the property line as is reasonably possible.
    • Correct the Parking Schedule to reflect net office space rather than gross square footage.
    • Add an additional bicycle parking space for a total of 8 bicycle parking spaces to meet the Sector Plan requirements.
    • Add a note denying access from Route 1 to the property.
    • Correct the Architectural Elevation labels and indicate that fencing along Erie Street shall be metal or wood picket but not chain-link.
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