6 vendors from the Hollywood Farmers Market will be delivering Pre-orders next Saturday, Feb 5th to Duvall Field from 12-1 pm.   Choose from Calvert Farms, Janelle’s Crumb Shoppe Bakery, Back Yard Boogie Baking, Alcoba Coffee, Waltz Family Farm and a new Fisherman – Two Oceans Surf and Turf….the owner, Gaylord, is a Fisherman & farmer and he is joining us this winter into spring and hopefully the rest of the year.  You can read about his farm & business on his farm store.

Please see below the ordering info for Calvert & Janelle’s

Alcoba Coffee –
Dark and Light roast coffee, beans or ground.
$10 a bag of 14 OZ,         please email order to Jose.castillobenza@yahoo.com      He brings extra with him​

Back Yard Boogie Baking’s online store link is https://backyardboogiegardens-baking.square.site/

Waltz Family Farm  and  Two Oceans Surf & Turf have the same farm store group.  Just enter your zipcode and you can choose from each farm individually.   The link is  https://www.farmmatch.com/
*You must Pre-order AND  most orders are due by noon-midnight on Wednesday depending on vendor

Pick Up is at Duvall Field 9119 Rhode Island Ave College Park