Downed tree at 48th Avenue

Pepco is saying it may take several days to get the power back. Across Prince George’s County, about 84,000 Pepco customers and 35,000 Baltimore Gas and Electric customers remained without power — reflecting 37 percent and 44 percent outage rates, respectively.

As of late last night, the outage map in north College Park remains unchanged.

Yesterday I drove by several streets in Hollywood. Residents on Niagara Rd, 48th Ave, Lackawanna West, Delaware West are still without power. Many residents have left their houses and moved to places where they could find power. Those who remained are mostly spending time in their basements.

On 48th avenue, I saw a huge tree across the street downed with the street’s power line (picture above).

We tried to open Davis Hall as a possible local cooling center yesterday. Unfortunately, as soon as the Public Works made everything ready there, the power went out! We’ll see if Pepco can restore power there. In the mean time, please check out the cooling centers I listed in yesterday’s post.

On another note, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has lifted mandatory water restrictions for Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, effective immediately.

Also, all activities and classes planned in Prince George’s County Public Schools will be canceled today because the school system is running on code yellow due to power outages.