Yet another returned mail

In case the number of stories on returned mails by our north College Park Post Office is not enough to justify the case against our local postal delivery system’s irregular practices, let’s add this one too.

I mailed a book early last week to an address in Ohio via media mail, and duh! after 4 days, it came to the sender, that is me! The mail never reached its destination.

I guess the postal service did not see the word “From”, clearly written on top of my address.

Funny that, this incident happened just in the same week, when the Mayor and the Council requested a meeting with a U.S. Postal Service manager to discuss ongoing complaints from north College Park residents about alleged unreliable mail delivery and poor customer service at the Post Office at Baltimore Avenue and Hollywood Road.

The north College Park Citizens Association also discussed this matter early this year, after our newsletters returned to us, noting a vacancy as the reason, when they’ve known the residence was not empty.