Fishnet in the Washington Post

It’s been only two months since the seafood restaurant “Fishnet” opened in College Park, but it has made some good news among area’s residents and local media alike.

Fishnet is located at 5010 Berwyn Rd and  has replaced yet another popular restaurant destination Berwyn Cafe.

Fisnet’s latest coverage came yesterday – from the Washington Post.

Post writes in its Lifestyle section:

Each day brings a handful of fish varieties that can be grilled or fried, then set in a roll with lettuce and tomato and a smear of a house-made sauce. The choices run to fresh mahi-mahi, porgy, bluefish and salmon, which also makes its way into scroll-size tacos using flour tortillas. A sandwich of strong-flavored bluefish treated to a Turkish-inspired spread of pureed walnuts, garlic and sumac made me wish I had a Fishnet closer to home.

More about Fishnet can be found here