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Poll: What’s in an Age?

Mr. Councilman (c) 2010 WeeBabyStuff
Mr. Councilman
(c) 2010 WeeBabyStuff

Here they come –  around this time of the year – every other year. They knock your doors, beg your votes – they want to serve you.

They are your council members. If they’re lucky to get elected, they become your objects of hate or love, depending on the way they vote in numerous council sessions in their two year terms.

Traditionally, they’ve been coming from older generations. In recent years, that tradition has changed though. Last year our City saw its youngest councilmember, Marcus Afzali. Afzali is young (he’s 25) and smart, but he thinks he’s a bit older than many of his young generation, who can be even smarter. That’s why, he has brought a legislation to change the minimum age for City council candidate. In this week’s council session, the City has decided to listen to what the residents have to say about this proposed changes. That public hearing will take place on Oct 26 at 7pm.

If approved, the City would lower the minimum age for the mayor and council members to 18. Currently, council members must be 21 by the time they take office — the mayor has to be 25 — and all candidates must have lived in the city for at least one year prior to Election Day.

The proponents of the change argue that it’s all about fairness. If someone knows enough about the City affairs and is smart enough to judge what’s good for his constituents, why stop him or her?

On the other hand, opponents think the City is taking a risk of letting its younger folks make important decisions that might have negative consequences. They argue experience and judgment come with age.

So what do you think? Do you think the City should lower the minimum age requirement for your next council candidate? Yes, No, Undecided?

Do you support minimum age for council candidate to be lowered to 18?

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  1. So now I’m allowed to legally run against you, Dad? 😉

  2. Donna

    When is a brain fully developed?
    In: Health, Biology

    Full brain developtment for adolecents occurs at around age 12, and then ceases to develop significantly, or at all, later.
    At about age 25 the brain becomes the final areas of brain development, areas that inhibit risky behavoir, are finished.

    The brain is not fully developed until you are 25 years old. We should move it to 25 years old not 18. Maybe this explains some of the problems with our council now. YOU THINK.

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