Bike safety tips

Now that the weather is getting nice make sure we follow these tips while riding a bicycle.

Riding a bike is beneficial because it is exercise for your body, and it conserves fuel; however, it must be done in a safe manner. Knowing proper protocol while riding on the street with motor vehicles is a must!

Thanks to Prince George’s Police for releasing these tips.

  • Make sure the reflectors are secure, brakes work properly, gears shift smoothly and tires are tightly secured and properly inflated.
  • Make sure your bike is equipped with reflectors and a light if you ride in low-light conditions.
  • Wear clothes and accessories that have retro reflective materials to improve biker visibility to motorists.
  • Ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, not against.
  • Stay as far to the right as possible.
- Always use hand signals before turning or stopping. 
- Respect traffic signals, stopping at all stop signs and stop lights.
  • Stop and look left, right and left again before entering a street or crossing an intersection.
  • Look back and yield to traffic coming from behind before turning left. 
- Ride in a straight line… no weaving. 
- Make eye contact with other drivers before turning.
  • Watch carefully for cars.
  • Allow enough room to your left for cars to pass.
  • ALWAYS need to wear a helmet and eye protection that meets safety standards.