Prince George's Police

In case you have heard of a gunshot incident at an apartment complex near IKEA early today, here is what happened.

A suspect was apparently attempting to force entry into the apartment when the occupant fired gunshots toward the front door at which time the “suspect” returned fire. Both the occupant and the “suspect” fled.

Responding officers discovered that the residence appeared to be being utilized for a large scale drug distribution operation. While checking the unit for possible victims, the officers observed several large plastic bags of marijuana packaged in 7 large boxes as well as several loose bags throughout the apartment. The officers also observed over $16,000.00 in US Currency and a magazine from a semi-automatic pistol. Several shell casing were recovered from the scene.

There was no evidence observed to indicate that anyone was actually struck by gunfire. Police took custody of the marijuana and currency pending further investigation.

Thanks to our police for a job well done.