Arrest in College Park prostitution sting operation (The Washington Post)

Thanks to our Police, who made 37 arrests in its 3rd one day sting operation against prostitution in College Park. The Washington Post reports.

Several police officers rented 5 rooms in a motel on Route 1 in this operation.

The Post writes-

In the past five years or so, College Park has become a popular hub for prostitution, safer than most other hot spots, easily accessible from highways and with a cluster of low-rent motels along Baltimore Avenue. The City Council knows what’s going on and is working with motel owners in an effort to tighten regulations, such as prohibiting charging by the hour. But on this day in November, Lushous (an undercover police officer) and other officers were trying to deter men from ever paying for sex again.

These sting operations have led to 227 arrests this year, mostly in the College Park area, with some in Oxon Hill. Since tackling the issue head-on in 2010, police have made 691 arrests in the same area.

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