Prince George's Police

Following two back-to-back commercial robberies, the Prince George’s Police department has increased their presence in the Hollywood commercial district, according to the PGPD’s community liaison officer Ofc. Errol Lobin.

Last week the 7 / 11 store was hit by an armed robbery, the 5th in recent months. A few days earlier, another store in the district, Bamboo Eater was hit by another armed robbery. Both robberies occurred during night time.

Following the armed robberies, we went to the store and met store’s owner Mr. Yadata, who showed us the captured video of the entire crime incident. We also discussed a few options to improve store’s safety. The safety measures include increased lighting at the store front, better video surveillance with larger in-store TV monitors, and more visible warning signs on store’s glass doors.

Oficer Lobin also spoke with manager of 7/11 yesterday again about the safety issues. He said the manager said he was going to look into purchasing electromagnetic lock doors. Let’s hope the security situation will improve in future.