Thanks to our Police for capturing this suspect for a number of recent crime, including 2 breakings and enterings in north College Park. Here is the report from the PG County Police Department.

A Greenbelt man is charged with 12 crimes related to several instances of burglary and resisting arrest after he hid in a movie theater ceiling to avoid arrest. The suspect is 26-year-old Sherrod Weaver of the 5800 block of Cherrywood Terrace in Greenbelt.

On March 7th, at about 2:30 pm, during an extensive surveillance operation, the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Air 1 recorded the suspect breaking into a home in Laurel. The suspect is seen driving an SUV onto the grass behind a row of townhomes and pulling up behind one of the homes. The homeowners were not inside the property at the time. The investigation reveals Weaver broke into the home and stole several items before driving away. Officers then continued their surveillance on the suspect before trying to arrest him on Cherrywood Terrace. During that arrest attempt, the suspect threw a large, stolen TV at an officer, knocking the officer to the ground. The officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Weaver is being charged with assaulting the officer. After he assaulted the officer, Weaver ran across the street into a movie theater on Greenbelt Road.

In the theater, the suspect climbed up scaffolding behind a movie screen into the ceiling. As he moved around looking for a way to escape, multiple ceiling tiles fell into the empty theater. There were multiple officers, including the Greenbelt City Police Department, inside the theater with fire department personnel on scene.

After three hours, he finally surrendered to the officers. He was not injured. He should be facing 12 charges including burglary, second degree assault on a law enforcement officer, theft, destruction of property, and vandalism. He is in custody of the Department of Corrections on a combined bond of $100,000. At the time of his arrest, Weaver had two open warrants for violation of probation related to previous burglary convictions. Individuals like Weaver who are facing a criminal defense case due to their charges may need to hire a criminal defense attorney to protect their rights and build their defense.