Prince Gerge’s police told us last night that one of our most notorious burglary suspects has been apprehended. After a burglary was committed earlier yesterday in the Laurel area, an extensive search was done by District VI officers. The suspect, Sherrod Weaver, was later tracked back to the Hollywood section of College Park where he was arrested by undercover PGPD detectives.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Weaver had three outstanding warrants for College Park burglaries.

It’s indeed a great news for the residents in north College Park, which has been hit by several burglaries in recent months. Sherrod has been identified as a suspect for his role in a robbery incident on Huron street in early September .

Police Asks Help to Identify Two Robbery Suspects

Sherrod has also been a suspect for his role in several breaking and entering incidents in College Park back in 2011.

Let’s thank our police for doing a great job in keeping one more suspect off College Park’s street.