Planning Board Comments on Greenbelt Sector Plan Released

The Park and Planning board released comments and analysis of their staff on the testimonies that residents and City officials made in the last Greenbelt Sector Plan public hearing. Please find that here.

Some of the issues that should interest us can be found here. I plan to make another post on these findings later.

Page 17: North College Park Online Petition
Page 35: North College Park General Comments
Page 38: Impact on north College Park
Page 50: North College Park Pedestrian Overpass
Page 126: Shuttle Bus Service between north and South core
Page 128: North Core Beltway Interchange
Page 130: Alignment of Greenbelt Station Parkway
Page 155: North College Park Stormwater Runoff, Groundwater Impacts, and Potential Flooding
Page 156: Adverse Impacts of New Development on North College Park
Page 160: North College Park Health and Wellness
Page 162: Proposed North College Park PreK-8 Urban Model School
Page 193: Building Form – North Core (20 stories, shadows etc.)
Page 197: North Core Height Transition Zone
Page 198: Building Form – Step-back Transitions
Page 199: Building Form – Parking
Page 201: Architecture and security requirements of a major GSA tenant in north Core
Page 201: Architectural Elements – Materials (light and noise reflection from building)

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