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Piling Leaf on the Street – What Can be Done?

Leaf should be piled on the curb of the street, but not on the street

Leaf should be piled on the curb of the street, but not on the street

As we’re going through leaf collection season, I was told by a resident that almost all of the leaf piles he has seen in his neighborhood are in the street – not merely overflowing across the curb but are almost entirely sitting in the street.

This is problematic, because, some leaves may end clogging storm drains and some are blocking parking spaces and access of the street, and even covering the yellow-painted curb areas next to fire hydrants.

The City does not have a code that would hold a resident responsible for placing leaf on the street. I checked with our staff and found that the Council did not discuss any such issue in the past. I am not sure if it is a good idea to hold resident responsible for that, as the issue seems to be very wide spread.

The City has been working hard to tell people to not leave the leaves in the street, to have them on the yard up against the curb. This can probably be enhanced by placing an educational notice to residents who don’t comply with this direction.

Please let me know what you think


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  1. Tony S

    Thanks for clarifying. I think there are those of us that aren’t around when they go through to collect and not really sure just what we’re suppose to do, ultimately following the examples of others. Good to know for next fall.

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