Angel and Mr. Bojangles

The College Park Animal Welfare Committee has some wonderful cats that are available for adoption. They are shown through our local Petco. These cats have been there too long and REALLY need good homes. Mr. Bojangles and Angel were abandoned in a rental house. They are two of the friendliest, sweetest, most gentle cats. They can sometimes be playful as well, so products like that cat exercise wheel may be perfect for them.

Angel (on the left in the picture) is the smaller cat, spayed female, about a year old. Mr. Bojangles (on the right) is larger, fluffier, and a neutered male, about 2-3 years old. They have bonded, and we want to adopt them out together. They are fine around dogs and children, and would most likely be very playful.

Also, Marci Booth, a Hollywood resident has a beautiful dog that was found near Route 1. “Godiva” is a Chocolate Lab and Bull (not sure which type) mix that is in need of a home. She has been spayed and has all of her shots. This dog is a real sweetie that has had some training, (walking, sitting and retrieving on command)but now needs a loving home. Godiva gets along with cats and other dogs and seems to like children. Please call Marci at 301-345-6779 or Bill (ACO) at 240-375-3165 if you’re interested.

Godiva has been at the shelter for around a month now and we really need to find her a “forever home”.