Pepco Seeks $43.3 Million Rate Hike



Pepco has asked Maryland regulators Wednesday for a $43.3 million rate increase that would boost the average electric bill by $4.80 a month for residential customers in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Please read here for more. On Wednesday, December 4th Pepco filed with the Maryland Public Service Commission a request to increase distribution rates annually by $43M. Within the filing is a request to increase monthly maintenance and distribution rates for street lighting by more than 12 percent. The increase applies to both overhead and underground fed lights and to incandescent, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, induction and LED. The PSC has designated it as case 9336. Parties wishing to intervene in the rate case have 30 days to notify the PSC. The pre-hearing conference has been scheduled for January 7, 2014 in Baltimore. On a related note, Pepco also filed their annual request to the PSC to adjust one-time rates for street lighting installation, removal or upgrade. It has been refiled twice, most recently on December 5th. Under the proposal, Pepco would increase the one-time contribution in aid of construction cost for induction lights to nearly $3,000. The filing also proposes to replace a removal cost for all lights with separate removal rates for high pressure sodium. This means there would no longer be a rate for the removal of mercury vapor or incandescent lights. Last December the Montgomery County Department of Transportation mandated that Pepco cease the conversion of mercury vapor lights to high pressure sodium which carry a higher maintenance rate and are have been deemed obsolete by many jurisdictions.

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