Pepco’s new smart meter

Representatives from Pepco will be at tomorrow’s council work session to talk about their new smart meters.

According to Pepco, these new smart meters will allow Pepco to provide customers detailed energy information that will help them better understand their electric use and help meet energy reduction goals.

Smart meters are equipped with technology that allows two-way communications between homes or business and Pepco. The meter records daily energy use, and in the future Pepco will have access to the data to monitor energy use.

Energy information from smart meter will help make decisions about energy use and help target ways to save. Residents also can learn through Pepco’s online energy-audit tool My Account about ways to lower energy bills. And if they want to further lower their energy costs, they can look at budget-friendly providers such as those listed on

To learn more about Pepco’s meter exchange plan, please check here.

In last June, Pepco started  installing these meters, throughout its Maryland service area. The meter exchange program is the first step in the utility’s long-term investment to build a smart power grid that will help customers better manage their energy use and costs and improve customer service and reliability.

Crews will continue with the installation process through December 2012 until all of Pepco’s Maryland customers receive a new meter. Prior to installation, customers will receive a letter and fact sheet from Pepco which, among other things, introduces them to the contractor, Scope Services Inc., who will perform the meter installation.

In August 2010, the Maryland Public Service Commission authorized Pepco to proceed with this modernization effort, which is consistent with federal initiatives to improve energy efficiency, while reducing carbon emissions. Pepco has received $68.85 million in federal stimulus grants to help fund Pepco’s smart meter program in Maryland.