This tree in north College Park was removed by Pepco's post-storm tree pruning work

Recently PEPCO contractors performed utility line clearance tree pruning and/or tree removal in our neighborhood. A tree near our home, in the public right-of-way was removed during the course of the electric line clearance work. The State of Maryland has a Road side tree law that requires trees to be replaced when they are removed near a road.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources permits road side tree removals and issued PEPCO a permit to perform the tree removal, and required replacement trees are provided in conjunction with this line clearance work.

The replacement tree, approved by PEPCO, will be a suitable variety to be planted under or near the overhead electric lines. The new tree will mature to a smaller height than the previous tree that was removed, and should not interfere with the power lines in the future.

This tree replacement program is termed the right-tree in the right-place and is endorsed by the National Arbor Day Foundation. As part of PEPCO’s certification as a Tree Line USA utility company they are required to provide educational information to the public related to proper tree selection and planting locations for trees growing near overhead power lines.

PEPCO has contracted with Ashton Environmental to furnish and install replacement trees in College Park. The new tree should be planted before the end of 2012. Residents may notice a marking along the road frontage, prior to the tree planting, to indicate where the new tree will be planted.

Installation should occur before the end of 2012. A letter will be sent to the locations where the trees are scheduled to be planted to let the resident know a replacement tree will be planted this year. Here you can find the locations where the trees will be planted.