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Pepco Plans Line Clearance Job in Upper Hollywood and Sunnyside

PEPCO is planning line clearance work in North College Park for a feeder coming out of the Beltsville substation; work will occur in the Northern Hollywood area and Sunnyside neighborhood.

Eight trees have been approved for removal at the following locations and are marked with a blue dot:

9801 49th Ave – Silver Maple 24” diameter. There is a large defect in the trunk as well as a hole in the trunk with a channel of decay extending down the trunk. There is significant dieback in the canopy, which has continued to develop since last year when the tree was pruned to remove deadwood. New canopies for schools are needed as replacement. This location is next to Hollywood Elementary School where many children are walking to school. The resident is aware of the planned removal and they are ok with it. A replacement tree will be installed.

4700 block Edgewood Rd – Note: there is a 69 kV line in this area, which requires increased clearance. Sweet Gum 15” at intersection of 47th Pl on north west corner at vacant parcel. Since this tree has been previously topped for line clearance, it has grown very bushy & is blocking the line of sight at the intersection and suckers are blocking the street light above, which will contribute to poor street lighting. Replacement tree approved. There is also a small 5” Black Cherry in this same area that is in poor health and many branches are blocking the street light above. Other trees along the north side of Edgewood Rd from 47th Pl to Route 1 will be pruned. The vegetation growing at the intersection of Route 1 will be cut down to improve visibility and clearance.

4809 Nantucket Rd – Red Maple 22” diameter. Evident trunk damage, very thin canopy with small leaves, & numerous dead branches. Tree branches in service drop lines to 2 homes. Replacement tree approved.

5100 Odessa Rd – Multi-stem Red Maple, which is shown as 3 trees on the map. The tree recently lost a large live limb, there is significant included bark, which will contribute to future limb loss. The resident has requested removal previously. Replacement tree approved

5110 Odessa Rd – Sweet Gum 22”. Significant canopy dieback and suckering along lower branches indicates decline of the tree. There is a large girdling, which may be contributing to the sucker growth. The tree is growing above the gas line. Replacement tree approved.

5108 Paducah Rd – Siberian Elm 19”. Visible dieback on all major limbs, which are overhanging service drop line to house. Replacement tree approved.

10102 51St Ave – Pin Oak 29” Significant canopy dieback, and decay observed in trunk. Recent construction in street and sidewalk likely affected root zone, which will contribute to continued tree decline. Replacement tree approved.

The map below shows the planned line clearance work. The trim (prune) areas indicated as a yellow line are secondary lines that require less clearance. The green trim (prune) lines are locations where the pruning will reflect the clearance based on the voltage.
PEPCO feeder 14464


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  1. Bill Smith

    Link to Pepco map?

  2. DAK4Blizzard

    There’s been a lot of work on Route 1 north of the Beltway by IKEA and the Agricultural Library. It’s been going on since at least April during overnight hours and has involved tearing up segments of the road, median, and sidewalk.

    Any idea what that work is for? My apartment found out it’s state funded, but is unsure about the purpose of the project. Maybe replacing water or sewer lines?

  3. Fazlul Kabir

    Dan, The night work on US 1 is a WSSC water main replacement project. You can find more about the projects in College Park here:

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