Rhode Island Pedestrian Accident

Early this morning 3 pedestrians were reportedly struck by a driver on Rhode Island Avenue near the REI / MoM shopping center. Please see above the tweet from Marc Brady, from the County’s Fire Department. From an eye witness, the victims were hit while they were trying to cross Rhode Island near Hollywood Road. It’s possible that they are our local residents. They are in stable condition but one of the victims is having severe bleeding. I saw several police cars and one vehicle being towed away around 9.30 am. Police is trying to get more information about the incident and the victims. We’ll keep you posted.

8/3/2013:  The driver is arrested and appears to be a Hollywood resident and is claiming that he had a diabetic attack that triggered the accident. The police is  evaluating that claim and his competency for driving. He was involved in another minor accident a few weeks ago. Police is also checking if alcohol was involved in the incident. Police has yet to determine if the three (Hispanic) injured girls are from College Park. They are still in hospital but in stable condition. The victims are now in touch with an auto accident attorney for consultation and what they can do next. In addition, if you are a victim of a drunk driving incident, make sure that you speak with a drunk driving accident lawyer to help you get the justice you deserve.