Parking Restrictions in Hollywood

Emergency no parking sign in east Hollywood

During the recent WSSC milling/paving work in Hollywood, persons displaced are asked to park on streets that are not affected and abide by the posted EMERGENCY NO PARKING signs days and hours put up by WSSC.

As for parking permit holders; if a Zone-2 permit holder has no option but to park on a zone-3 permit-restricted street, they may without getting ticketed for a permit violation. Zone-2 permits will be honored in Zone-3 and Zone-3 permits will be honored in Zone-2 up until June 10th, which is the anticipated completion date of the project.

Persons displaced from streets that are not permit-restricted are asked to park on other, unaffected streets that are not permit-restricted when possible. If they cannot, and must park on a Zone-2 or Zone-3 permit-restricted street, then they should call the Parking Enforcement office with their license plate number, name and address so that we can issue a temporary permit, OR so that we may void any ticket they get for permit violations while the road construction is ongoing. Obviously any citation they get for permit violations before or after the project starts and finishes, they will have to pay or appeal.

WSSC pavement work

IF TOWED: If any vehicle is found in violation of the posted EMERGENCY NO PARKING will be ticketed for ‘NO PARKING’, but the vehicle will only be relocated, not impounded. If the vehicle is relocated, the owner will typically find it located on a nearby street that is not currently being worked on. They should call Parking Enforcement to find where it was moved to, unless it is towed by the County Police.

Parking Enforcement will continue to issue citations and tow vehicles as necessary for all other parking violations while this project goes on.

WSSC’s resurfacing contractor posted “No Parking” signs on 51st Pl, Wichita Ave, 52nd Ave, and Mangum Rd past weekend. The effected dates will be Tuesday May 24th to Friday May 27th . The contractor will start on 51st Pl.

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