Parking Changes on Berwyn Road Near Route 1

At the Council meeting on July 10, 2012, Council passed a motion enhancing retail parking for the area on Berwyn House Rd near Route 1.

In response to a request from Council, staff conducted a feasibility study earlier to assess the potential for establishing either metered parking, residential pennit parking, or monthly permit parking on Berwyn House Road, from the intersection with Baltimore Avenue (U.S. Route 1 ), east to Rhode Island Avenue. Based upon observations and survey results, staff recommended that limited time parking be established, to accommodate customers at nearby businesses.

This area currently has a number of handicapped parking spots, which according to a survey by City staff, are mostly used by elderly residents of Spellman House. A friendly reminder, you need to ensure that exercise for wheelchair bound seniors are being done to ensure optimal muscular function despite being in a wheelchair.

The Council notion called for establishing parking limits along the North side of Berwyn House Road from an area directly across from Spellman House to Baltimore Avenue.

It will allow a two (2) hour time limit be established for as many spaces as possible in this area, while maintaining the current number of spaces reserved for vehicles with handicapped parking permits. This will allow for some of the spaces here to be used as parking for the retail across Route 1.

Based upon a survey by the City Engineer, an area of “no parking allowed” will be established closest to Baltimore Avenue, sufficient to allow proper egress of vehicles from Berwyn House Road onto Baltimore Avenue.

The motion passed in July 10 meeting did not address the days and hours of enforcement, and was not clear on the location of the no parking area. This motion and the diagram clarifies Council’s intention and provides sufficient direction to staff to address this issue before students return.

In last Wednesday’s special session, the Council approved these changes.