NCPCA – Your neighborhood association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and thus is the day of the monthly regular NCPCA meeting. Here is a quick summary of what will be on tonight’s meeting agenda.

Members will discuss a report on the Hollywood Gateway Park design. The design was put together by a committee that members formed in its November meeting. I had a chance to be part of this committee and so far I’d say the preliminary design looks pretty cool. NCPCA will go further with the City’s planning Department and also with an architectural group from UMD in the next few months to finalize the design.

The City has proposed an ordinance in last week to assume more controls over zoning. Titled “Additional zoning authority pursuant to CB-16-2010″, the proposed ordinance, would give the City the ability  to take on a couple of additional powers. Members will discuss the proposed changes and how they may affect the current way of zoning process which is nearly exclusively administered by the county’s planning department.

Members will also discuss the impact of the Greenbelt Metro development on the Narragansett Run stream in north College Park. A permit to make massive alterations to the portion of Narragansett Run across the railroad tracks from north College Park was applied for in 2008, put to rest, and then revived again last month and the comment open period has been extended to March 14. This could well affect water upstream in north College Park, and issues relating to storm water runoff and water quality and environment habitat.

We also expect county council woman Mary Lehman at the meeting to discuss the new reform bill that county executive is proposing at the MD state legislature.

As always, for the detailed agenda and the direction to the meeting, please check our website at .