College Park moving quickly toward 'real college town' goals (Baltimore Sun)

College Park moving quickly toward ‘real college town’ goals (Baltimore Sun)

The Baltimore Sun, in an article in its today’s paper, has noted the progress that College Park is making in transforming the city toward a “Real College Town”.

The article talks about the developments that have been rapidly transforming the city, especially along the Route 1 corridor.

“A gleaming new apartment building with restaurants and bars on the ground floor has replaced an old pizza place and tire shop. A new Whole Foods will sprout up just down the road. A four-star hotel and bike lanes are planned.

The changes are part of a longer-term effort to transform U.S. 1 — the University of Maryland, College Park’s main drag — from a jumbled mix of strip malls and fast-food joints. After a decade of slow progress, the building spree jump-starts a plan to remake the city of College Park into a “real” college town.” – writes the Sun.

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