Paking Pay by Phone System May Come to College Park

Mobile Park Now!

Currently, the new City pay to park system does not provide a pay by phone service. City staff has researched the possibility of providing pay-by-phone service as part of the new pay by space/pay station system.

There are multiple vendors who can provide this service. Staff has researched the available services (including the one used by UM). Factors considered included compatibility with our system, and cost, both to the City and to our customers.

A vendor, ParkNOW/MobileNOW made a presentation to demonstrate their product to the Council for consideration. Their system is compatible with the hardware and software currently in use by the City. They have partnered with our pay station vendor Metric Parking.

This system would also allow pay-by-phone for single space, mechanical meters as we still have in some areas. This service is offered at no cost to the City. Cost to customers will vary from $0.35 per transaction for occasional users, or $1.50-$2.50 per month for a regular user subscription. This vendor will present their product at the work session on Tuesday, 21 Feb. 12.

Staff recommends approving the product to be presented, and authorize to proceed to implement a pay by phone service..

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