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Paint Branch Bridge and the Underpass Get Lighting

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, leadership from the College Park City-University Partnership, City of College Park, University of Maryland, and State of Maryland, local businesses and residents came together to unveil new artistic lighting on Baltimore Avenue’s Paint Branch Bridge.

The Paint Branch Bridge is at the heart of the bustling mid-town of College Park – at the intersection of the UMD Hotel and Conference Center, Brendan Iribe Center, The Clark School of Engineering, the Varsity and University View apartments, the Cambria Hotel, the Lakeland Heritage area and more. With increased activity in the area, enhancing the visibility and vibrancy of the bridge is important. The wide palette of colors lifts the location as a memorable and inviting place for pedestrians and bicyclists.

These LED lights provide a wash of color to the bridge, enlivening and invigorating this area between campus and community. New lighting also bathes the underpass, which includes a bike trail, creating a more inviting and warm environment for pedestrians in this growing area.

The College Park City-University Partnership worked with Imaginex, a lighting company that was founded in College Park by former UMD student, Eric Mintzer. This work was supported by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and with the College Park Arts Exchange.

[Source: The College Park City University Partnership]


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  1. bekah

    I really enjoyed riding my bike under this bridge last week! It was such an eyesore on my campus commute before. This trail does frequently get muddy, I wish we could do something about the runoff too. I’d love if we could get a mural too (fingers crossed). Yes, give a mouse a cookie and they’ll want a glass of milk :-D

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