The Mayor and Council of the City of College Park have an opportunity available for a college student(s) to capture the history of some of College Park’s oldest neighborhoods.  The goal of the project is to collect and preserve the important stories of our senior residents of the Daniels Park and Hollywood neighborhoods for future generations to learn about and treasure.

Daniels Park was developed as an early twentieth-century streetcar suburb located in northwestern Prince George’s County within the City of College Park.  The Hollywood neighborhood was built in the 1920s and 30s.  Both have a precious history and fewer and fewer residents around to tell it.

The Hollywood / Daniels Park Community Neighborhood History interns will work closely with the residents and the Council members to conduct original research, collect video oral histories, and archive historical materials. Through the Neighborhood History Project, the City will provide students and residents the opportunity to spend time learning their neighborhoods’ stories.


Tasks / Responsibilities:

Tasks of the project may include, but not limited to:

  • Research history of the Hollywood and Daniels Park neighborhoods from online and print sources;
  • Prepare a list of long-term residents who will be interviewed for the project. The City Council members and the local neighborhood associations will help connect with the potential residents.
  • Interview long term residents about changes that happened through the development of the neighborhood over the years;
  • Record oral interviews and collect photos, renderings, memorabilia and other collectibles, whenever possible;
  • Prepare a report with the findings; and
  • Archive the report, documents, photos, multimedia and other findings online and make them accessible to residents.


  • Strong communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and to prepare written and electronic documents. Ability to communicate orally, both in person and by telephone.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office. (Photoshop or another design tool is a plus!)
  • Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  • Creative and Flexible.
  • Ability to plan, implement, evaluate and report activities conducted.
  • Website development skill is a plus
  • Preferred background in Marketing, Communication, non-profit management or another related discipline.

Applicants should complete the application found here and submit to Human Resources at For questions, please email or call 240-487-3533.