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Harvest Bazaar – This Friday

Harvest Bazaar happening at Holy Redeemer is happening this Friday. This is a fantastic chance to meet your neighbors and have a lot of fun while you’re at it. There’re games and prizes for the kids, great food, bingo, a massive yard sale, and so much more. Admission is free and all are welcome, so mark your calendar and come have some fun!

Preliminary City Election Results

I want to express my gratitude to all my fellow candidates who ran spirited campaigns in this year’s College Park City election. Whether you won or not, simply participating in this election means a great deal to all of us. You are all winners, so congratulations to each one of you.
I look forward to working with you all.
I am also grateful and honored to have the opportunity to serve our residents in the new term.
Here are the preliminary results (from City’s website: https://www.collegeparkmd.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=549)

Kabir 1217
District 1
Clary. 145
Haddad. 167
Hernandez. 266
Hew. 322
Roan. 160
District 2
Esters. 163
Whitney. 164
District 3
Riggs. 327
Adams. 305
Abbott 57
District 4
Mitchell. 123
Mackie. 124
Advisory Question – Support 4-year staggered terms?
Yes 710
No 567

College Park’s Roadmap to a Brighter Future: The 2021-2025 Economic Development Plan

Because more people are moving to the city and they need more services, the Mayor and Council asked for a plan to make the city better. They made a plan for the years 2021 to 2025 called the City of College Park Strategic Plan. So, the Office of Economic Development looked at how the city is doing now and figured out ways to make it better for everyone who lives there. They wrote reports that have ideas and recommendations to make the city’s economy better and make life in College Park nicer for the people who live there.

The report focuses on four main things to make the city’s economy better. They looked at how things are now, talked to the people who live there and work there, checked out what other places are doing, and made a plan to make the city’s economy stronger.

By looking at all this information, they figured out how land is used, how much money people have, how well buildings and houses are selling, and what tools they can use to make the city’s economy better. They talked to people who live there and people who work on important projects to get their ideas. They also checked out what other places like College Park are doing to get ideas on what might work here. Finally, they made a plan to make the city’s economy grow.

This report has lots of up-to-date information about the stores in College Park, jobs, houses being built, and places where people can have fun with their families, like playing games or climbing on things.

Even though the final report and plan are long, they talk about everything in the city’s economy. They want to tell the people who live there, the businesses, and the people who make important decisions about the future of College Park what they can do to make the city even better.

You can read the full economic development plan here: College Park Economic Development Strategy – FINAL – 10312023.

At next week’s meeting, the City Council will discuss the economic development plan.

POSH Fitness Studio is turning 5 Tomorrow!

POSH is inviting residents to a Free Community Day! Can you believe it’s been five fantastic years!

Posh Studio is turning five, and they can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you! We’ll have exciting events, fantastic workouts, and loads of fun. They’ve teamed up with amazing local sponsors who are generously providing food and prizes. Enjoy free classes and door giveaways. Get ready for an energy-packed, live DJ ride at 10 AM. Book your bike soon; spots are limited!

Register for the ride here! https://www.posh.fit/class-schedule/

Bring your friends and family, and let’s make this Free Birthday Community Day an incredible celebration! Your presence will make our 5th birthday even more special.

The Second and Final Early Voting Day is Today

Today is the final early voting days. You can vote at the City Hall until 7 pm.

The election day is this Sunday, November 5, at the College Park Community Center from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

The Board of Election Supervisors will provide preliminary election results after the polls close on Sunday, November 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall (7401 Baltimore Avenue). This event is open to the public and will be broadcast and streamed. The preliminary results will include mail-in ballots received to date, and scanner results from each day of polling. Preliminary results will not include validated provisional ballots, and mail-in ballots that were postmarked on time but received later.

The official canvass occurs the following Thursday, November 9, in the Community Room at City Hall. At the canvass, the valid provisional ballots and the mail-in ballots that were postmarked on time but received later, will be added to the preliminary results. The BOES will announce and certify the results at the conclusion of the canvass.

At the Council meeting on Tuesday, November 14, the BOES will present the final report to the Mayor and Council.

Inauguration of the incoming Mayor and City Council will take place on Tuesday, December 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Veterans Day Memorial Service, November 11 at 11 am

The City will hold its annual Veterans Day Observance on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at 11am at the College Park Veterans Memorial, at the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and Greenbelt Road. This year commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Memorial’s Dedication in 1993!

The event program will feature music from the Second Wind Choir, a wreath laying, and a special address from the memorial’s original architect, Mr. Jim Clark. In addition to his work on the College Park Veterans Memorial, Jim Clark has also served on the team that developed the Korean War Veterans’ Memorial on the National Mall and is presently working with architectural conservators on the World War II Memorial on the National Mall.

Please bring pictures of your loved ones, veterans alive or passed, to share on our Honors table. Parking is available near Bowlero at 9021 Baltimore Ave. The event is sponsored by the City’s Veterans Memorial Committee.

Celebrating Community Commitment: A Reflection on the County Executive Luncheon and a Shared Vision for a Brighter Future

Grateful and honored to be recognized at the County Executive Luncheon last week. It’s a true privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to our community and make a positive impact. I’m thankful for the support of my friends, family, and colleagues who have been with me on this journey. Let’s continue to work together towards a brighter future!

Edmonston Road Construction Completed

The resurfacing of Edmonston Road has been completed. Additional striping and installation of raised crosswalks are scheduled for November. Tree planting is tentatively scheduled for November 6. Please continue to stay alert for crews working in the area.

SafeStride Seeks Public Input on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

SafeStride College Park, an organization dedicated to enhancing pedestrian and bicyclist safety, seeks public input from the College Park community members about their concerns, ideas, and suggestions to improve public safety. Here is the survey link: https://umdsurvey.umd.edu/jfe/form/SV_bJCG3JCdP2Ifprw. Please take a minute to complete the survey. Thanks.

Curbside Leaf Collection for November

Curbside Leaf Collection resumes in November!

Look for posted signs in your neighborhood to know when curbside leaf collection will occur.

Learn more about Curbside Leaf Collection, including the November collection schedule and tips, at www.collegeparkmd.gov/curbsideleaf.

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