Access to Metzerott Road from Route 1 to Close Permanently Next Week

Access to Metzerott Road from Baltimore Avenue/Route 1 closes permanently on September 15, 2022.

According to the SHA, the US 1 Road Widening Project is reaching a milestone for the section between Lakeland Road and University Blvd. Metzerott Road will be permanently closed to motorized traffic (cars, trucks, and motorcycles) at Baltimore Avenue, between Jiffy Lube and Rita’s very soon. Variable message boards will be placed strategically along the US 1 corridor by Friday to advise those motor vehicle operators of the change that is coming. Metzerott Road will be reconstructed into a shared path for pedestrians and bicyclist to enter and leave Acerdale Park from Baltimore Avenue


Today’s NCPCA Meeting – Planning for the New Year

NCPCA’s September meeting is today, Thursday the 8th. Below is the meeting agenda as well as a link to June’s meeting minutes for review.
The Board will be presenting nominees for the Secretary position on Thursday.
September Meeting
When: Thursday, September 8, 2022, 7:30PM

Where: Davis Hall and Zoom

(subject to change)
7:30PM: Welcome and a Moment of Silence
7:35PM: June Meeting Minutes
7:40PM: Officer Reports
7:55PM: August BBQ Report
8:05PM: Secretary Nomination
8:20PM: Plan for the Year (Presentation)
8:40PM: Open Floor

Mionthly Public Safety Meetings are Back Next Monday

City’s monthly Public Safety Meetings are back from summer hiatus!

Join City Elected Officials, Police, Department of Public Services staff, and your neighbors from all around the City on Monday, September 12 at 7:30pm. The Prince George’s County Office of Homeland Security and Office of Emergency Management will present and take questions.

This meeting takes place every second Monday of the month via Zoom to discuss City-wide crime statistics, recent incidents of public interest, neighborhood watch tips, and special public safety related topics.

To facilitate City-wide participation, these will be recorded virtual meetings that you may join in from your home. Please invite your neighbors so that this useful information may be shared throughout the City.


Help Support College Park Food Bank

Hear the University of Maryland School of Music Graduate Fellowship Ensembles perform a benefit recital for the College Park Community Food Bank!

Donations are encouraged at the door or at http://www.collegeparkfoodbank.com/donate.

Sunday, September 18, 3:00pm
Gildenhorn Recital Hall, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland

Also, this Saturday, 9/10, eat Chipotle 🌯, help College Park Community Food Bank! Stop by the Chipotle at 7332 Baltimore Ave in College Park for our fundraiser on Saturday, September 10 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

We’re raising money to support College Park Community Food Bank, so just download a flyer from the link below or mention the fundraiser at checkout and they’ll donate 33% of the proceeds to the cause! You can also order online for pickup using the code QRWTMPL in the promo field.


Council to Discuss RST Development Plan and Conditions

The Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (PPS) calls for the consolidation of existing Parcel A, containing the Days Inn and Howard Johnson motels, and Lots 34 and 35 containing the Red Roof Inn, into one parcel (Parcel 1). The plan is to redevelop the property with a mixed-use building containing 331 multifamily dwelling units and 3,937 square feet of ground floor commercial space. The property consists of approximately 3.82 acres on the east side of Baltimore Avenue between Delaware and Cherokee Streets. The project will be affordable housing financed with State of Maryland Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Adequate Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
The proposed project is subject to Sec. 24-124.01c, of the Prince George’s County Code which requires adequate public pedestrian and bikeway facilities in County Centers and Corridors. A
Bicycle and Pedestrian Impact Study (BPIS) is required within a ½ mile radius of the site. Based on the number of dwelling units and the square footage of retail, the Applicant is required to
provide a maximum of $126,026.80 for off-site bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The Applicant is proposing the following two improvements:
1. Install crosswalks along US 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street.
2. Install a crosswalk and associated pedestrian signals along US 1 on Cherokee Street on both the north and east legs of the intersection.

City staff recommended, and the Applicant agreed, subject to the cost cap, to upgrade all legs of the Cherokee Street/US 1 intersection with pedestrian signals and highvisibility striping (piano keys), is approved by SHA, in the crosswalks.

Mandatory Dedication of Parkland
Sec. 24-134 of the Prince George’s County Code requires conformance with mandatory dedication of parkland. Sec. 24-135 allows private recreational facilities or a fee-in-lieu to be substituted for parkland if approved by the Planning Board. Based on the Parks and Recreation formula, the Applicant is required to provide $294,247.70 in recreational amenities. The Applicant is proposing to meet this requirement by providing $385,000.00 in private recreational amenities including:
Outdoor Pool-$190,000
Courtyard sitting area- $35,000
Playground- $75,000
Dog Park- $85,000

Staff thinks M-NCPPC staff has concluded that the proposed private facilities are inadequate and recommends that a fee-in-lieu also be paid. City staff encourages the Applicant to provide publicly accessible outdoor recreational facilities or open space on adjoining land owned by the Applicant and use any required fee-in-lieu for these purposes. Recreational amenities will be
further reviewed at the time of DSP.

Variation Request
The Applicant is requesting a variation to waive the 10-foot-wide public utility easement (PUE)
requirement along 48th Avenue. Public Utility Easements that are 10-feet-wide are being
provided along Baltimore Avenue, Cherokee Street and Delaware Street, as required. The
Applicant argues that the property will be adequately served without establishing a PUE along
48th Avenue and no other properties will be impacted by not providing this PUE, since 48th only
serves the subject property and will not be a through street.
Staff concurs with the Applicant and supports the variation request.

Staff Recommendation
City staff recommends supporting PPS 4-22007 and the variation to waive the 10-foot PUE along 48th Avenue with the following conditions:
1. Total development within proposed Preliminary Plan of Subdivision shall be limited to uses which generate no more than 188 AM peak-hour trips and 239 PM peak-hour vehicle trips. Any development generating an impact greater than that identified herein
shall require a new determination of the adequacy of transportation facilities and a new Preliminary Plan of Subdivision.

2. Prior to approval of the first building permit for the subject property, the following road improvements shall (a) have full financial assurances, (b) have been permitted for construction through the operating agency’s access permit process, and (c) have an
agreed-upon timetable for construction with the appropriate operating agency:

a. An exclusive right turn lane along the westbound approach of Cherokee Street from the site access to US Route 1 intersection.
b. Installation of roadbed, roadway, curb, gutter and five-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the City’s unimproved 40-foot right-of-way known as 48th Avenue, for approximately 219 feet west from Delaware Street, in accordance with City design standards.

3. The final plat of subdivision shall include:
a. Right-of-way dedication of 50-feet from the centerline along US 1 to the State Highway Administration in accordance with the PPS.
b. Right-of-way dedication of 25-feet from the centerline along Delaware Street to the City of College Park.

4. At the time of DSP:
a. The Applicant shall provide an off-site bicycle and pedestrian facilities plan that illustrates the location, limits, specifications, and details for the following improvements consistent with the cost cap:
i. Install high visibility (piano keys), crosswalks along US Route 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street, subject to any required approval by SHA.
ii. Install pedestrian signals and high visibility crosswalks (piano keys) on all legs of the US 1 and Cherokee Street intersection, subject to any required approval by SHA.
b. Place a note on the landscape plan that at the time of development, efforts shall be made to save tree T4, a Willow Oak, including installing tree protection fencing during construction.
c. Place a note on the landscape plan that to help survivability of specimen trees on adjoining property, the Applicant shall engage in tree protection measures such as installing tree protection fencing during construction, root pruning and vertical
d. The Applicant shall give consideration to the dedication of adjoining property to the City to be used for public open space or recreational uses.
5. Prior to DSP, the applicant shall execute a Declaration of Covenants and Agreement with the City that includes, at a minimum, the following provisions:
a. Construction and maintenance of improvements to the City’s unimproved 40-footwide right-of-way known as 48th Avenue, for approximately 219 feet west of Delaware Street, in accordance with City design standards (including installation of a roadbed, roadway, curb, gutter, and a five-foot-wide sidewalk on both sides). “No Through Street” and “No Parking” signs shall be posted and enforced by the City.
b. A public access easement to the City for the “T-shaped” hammerhead turnaround located on the Applicant’s property at the end of 48th Avenue.
c. A public access easement to the City, if needed, to accommodate a sidewalk on both sides of 48th Avenue.
d. Construction of an exclusive right turn lane on Cherokee Street between the site access and US Route 1 in accordance with City and SHA standards.
e. Installation of high visibility (piano keys), crosswalks along US Route 1 on Indian Lane and Fox Street, subject to any required SHA approval.
f. Installation of pedestrian signals and high visibility crosswalks (piano keys) on all legs of the US 1 and Cherokee Street intersection, subject to any required SHA approval.
g. PILOT to City if the property becomes tax exempt.
h. Unitary management and condominium conversion requirements.
i. Acknowledgement of responsibility for maintenance of pedestrian light fixtures, landscaping, and sidewalks.
j. Restrictions related to construction staging and hours of operation, if needed.
k. If feasible, provision of an outdoor public art feature, which can be matched by City funds (up to $15,000).
l. Evidence of LEED SILVER or equivalent certification.


Commercial Flights May Start Flying Between College Park and New York this Month

A Tailwind Air flight from New York City lands at the College Park Airport on Aug. 6, 2022, in College Park, MD. (Credit: ABC News)

Tailwind Air and the College Park Airport are proposing a pilot program for nonstop flights from College Park to New York, Monday through Friday, with no more than four flights per day to allow passengers to fly to and from Manhattan and to College Park and return on the same day. These planes will not likely create more noise than the airport already has.

The College Park airport is now the world’s oldest continually operated airport and is the site of many significant aviation firsts. More here.

The pilot operation is scheduled to begin on September 13, 2022 and run through December 21, 2022. Tailwind Air intends to use the Cessna 208 EX Caravan, which will accommodate eight (8) passengers per flight. The single-engine plane uses JET-A fuel (not leaded fuel).

Assuming the program is successful and Tailwind Air wants to continue with these services, the College Park Airport Authority will review the M-NCPPC Operating Rules and Regulations of the College Park Airport in early 2023. Certain regulations would have to be changed for the program to operate permanently. The rule says: “Charter operators may enplane and deplane passengers and/or cargo at the College Park Airport. No passenger or cargo operations may be conducted to or from the airport on a regular or scheduled basis.”

You can read more about the proposed operation here on the ABC News, and here on the WTop News.

The Council will discuss the proposal at next Tuesday’s City Council meeting. It will consider supporting the Pilot Program for the College Park Airport and Tailwind Air to provide commercial flights from College Park to Manhattan, New York. Members of the M-NCPPC and the College Park Airport Authority are expected to be at the meeting.


Duvall Field Final Design Nearing Completion

After many years of planning and community discussion, the redesign project of City’s Duvall Field is nearing completion. The Mayor and Council will take a look at the latest design and give its fees back at next Tuesday’s meeting. The project team will then work to finalize the design and start construction, which may start sometime late next year.

KCI Technologies, the project’s consultant, has completed 60% design plans for the Phase 2 renovation of Duvall Field and will present them to City Council for feedback on September 6. This follows a community meeting held on July 26, were approximately 21 residents attended and provided comments. The plans were generally well received, and input from the meeting is being incorporated into refined plans.

The new field will have some fantastic features, such as a multipurpose soccer field with natural turf, a walking trail, a baseball field, a basketball court, an event lawn with a stage area, playground. an exercise station, a picnic pavilion, and more.

A few proposed features require further discussion to determine if they should be part of the base bid for construction, included as add-alternates in the bidding documents or deleted from the plans.

(a) Splash Pad: There is community support for this type of water feature, but there is also concern over costs. Installation is estimated at $200,000, including modifications to the existing concession building to convert the storage room to a pump room. Another storage facility will need to be located on-site to accommodate equipment storage for the Boys and Girls Club and others. Maintenance is estimated at $30,000/year.

(b) Amphitheatre Storage Rooms: The proposed amphitheater is a prefabricated structure that does not include any storage facilities. Our Communications and Events staff would like the ability to keep materials and props on site to facilitate set up and execution for events. The estimated cost to design and construct storage incorporated into the amphitheater is $100,000.

(c) Amphitheater Audio/Visual Equipment: Lighting and sound equipment have not been included as part of the amphitheater structure. The design and installation of these features could cost up to $150,000, depending on the nature of the system.

The consultants will provide an updated PowerPoint presentation at the Worksession. The community meeting and presentation may be viewed here.

This project is part of the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. There is an estimated $5.4 million available for Phase 2 construction.


City to Ask GSA to Select Greenbelt as the Home of the Future FBI Headquarters

The FBI Headquarters in D.C.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is close to selecting the final location of the future FBI headquarters.

The Mayor and Council will consider sending a letter to the GSA expressing its strong support for locating a new headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) adjacent to the Greenbelt Metro Station.

The letter states many benefits of selecting the Greenbelt locations. The site is also accessible for agency staff and visitors via the metro system and I-495.

This is the only site option at a metro station; selecting it will result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic congestion than other options.

The University of Maryland, with many programs, will be close to the FBI Headquarters if the Greenbelt location is selected.

Finally, the letter asks the GSA to consider prioritizing equity in making agency location decisions.


Paint Branch Preserve Meeting Recording, and More..

Thank you to all who attended yesterday’s community meeting on the proposed Paint Branch Preserve development. I was impressed by the turnout and the interest in the community.
If you didn’t get a chance to attend the meeting, you can see the recording here: https://rodgers.sharefile.com/d-s88380b29a1ee4aa7b1a42511….
The development team told us they would most likely be holding another community meeting on the development in the future. If you’ve comments about the development and/or want to be notified about future updates, please contact the development team’s attorney, Mr. Matt Tedesco, at mtedesco@mhlawyers.com .
Thank you!

Developer Presentation for PaintBranch Preserve Development Project

The developer has shared the presentation at tomorrow’s community meeting.

You can also join virtually beginning at 6:30 or participate by Zoom/Teams (info below).

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 228 551 173 116 Passcode: omV7Tc

Download Teams | Join on the web

Or call in (audio only)

+1 301-798-4992,,401781824#   United States, Silver Spring

Phone Conference ID: 401 781 824#

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Labor Day Collections Schedule

All City offices will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2022 in observance of the Labor Day holiday. Refuse and recycling will occur one day later than normal during this holiday week.

Monday collections will occur on Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Tuesday collections will occur on Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Wednesday collections will occur on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Special collections for brush and bulky items will only be scheduled for Friday, September 9, 2022 of this holiday week. You must call 240-487-3590 or email publicworks@collegeparkmd.gov to schedule a pickup before setting your items out to the curb.


Apply for Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit

Maryland offers an income tax credit for residents making eligible undergraduate and/or graduates education payments on loans from an accredited college or university. To be eligible, you must claim Maryland residency for the 2022 tax year, file 2022 Maryland state income taxes, have incurred at least $20,000 in undergraduate and/or graduate student loan debt and have at least $5,000 in outstanding student loan debt upon applying for the tax credit. More details are available here.

Apply online here; applications must be submitted by Thursday, September 15th.

President Joe Biden has also announced this week that the Department of Education will be canceling $10,000 in student loans and $20,000 for those receiving Pell grants. Eligible recipients must have an income below $125,000 a year. Additionally, there will be a monthly cap for repayments of 5% of the individual’s yearly income. The decision made by the administration on Wednesday comes after several extensions to the student loan moratorium that is to end on January 2023.


Draft Redistricting Maps Released for Public Comments

Today, City’s Redistricting Commission has released the five draft Council District maps to be considered by residents. These maps and information about the Commission’s work are posted on the City’s website. The maps are also posted on a separate website, www.CollegeParkMDRedistricting2022.com.

You can see the five proposed maps (Proposal 1 – Proposal 3C) here.

You can also view the draft maps separately and can use an interactive map here to look at the options and other layers of information.

Key changes to new maps include

  • District 1: Southern boundary has been moved a couple of blocks to the north. The Autoville neighborhood and some student apartment buildings, south of MD 193 (Enclave, Tempo, etc) are added to the district.
  • District 2: A good part of Daniels Park, Oak Springs neighborhoods, and the College Park Yarrow and Estates have been added. University apartments (Enclave, Tempo) have been removed, but other new apartments (Landmark etc.) are added depending on the proposed map.
  • District 3: The College Park Yarrow and Estates neighborhood and some part of the northern part along Route 1  have been removed, but now will include increased population.
  • District 4. The Autoville neighborhood has been removed, but will now include several new apartment housing.

The City Charter (§C2-2, “Districts”) requires that the Council review council district boundaries at least once every 10 years, soon after the decennial census is available. On February 22, 2022 the City Council approved Resolution 22-R-04 which established a Redistricting Commission to assist in this review.

The charge to the Commission includes a review of the population and voters to determine if reapportionment is necessary; scheduling public hearings and receiving public input on the factors to consider if reapportionment is necessary; developing three plans to submit to the Mayor and Council based on a four-district, two council members per district model; and the criteria and other considerations upon which to base a recommended reapportionment.

Public Redistricting Commission Meetings to Review Draft District Maps!
The City’s Redistricting Commission will hold two meetings for residents to review and provide feedback on the Commission’s draft City District maps.

  • Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 7:00 pm, Davis Hall (9217 51st Ave) 
  • Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm , City Hall (7401 Baltimore Avenue) 

Residents can join both meetings via Zoom by clicking HERE.

One of the five draft redistricting maps proposed by the redistricting commission. The proposed district boundaries are in solid black. The existing districts are color-coded – yellow (D1), blue (D2), green (D3), and red (D4)

[City of College Park]


College Park Day, 2022 Announced

College Park Day is back on Saturday, October 15 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the College Park Aviation Museum! We’ll have lots of activities, entertainment, food, drink, kids stage and zone, and more to celebrate College Park!
Stay tuned! Details at www.collegeparkday.org.


Fall Free Tree Giveaway

We’re giving away free trees to residents this fall! Residents can request up to two native trees to help restore the City’s tree canopy from the 7/12 storm. Registration required; register and select your tree(s) by September 16, 2022 at https://www.collegeparkmd.gov/formcenter/board-committee-12/fall-free-tree-giveaway-2022-98