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Economic Development Spring 2023 Survey

The City wants to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts on businesses, public transportation, and more!

Click the link below or scan the QRCode to access the survey.

Have questions? Email economicdevelopment@collegeparkmd.gov. The survey closes on May 26, 2023.

An Eventful Week

Last Tuesday, I was sworn in as your new Mayor at the regular City Council meeting. I want to thank you all who came to the swearing-in ceremony. I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to serve you until the next City election this November. You can read more about the swearing-in ceremony on the Diamondback here: https://dbknews.com/2023/05/19/kabir-sworn-in-as-mayor .

Now that I am officially sworn in, the hard work begins. First and foremost, I want to hear from you. Please let me know how I can serve you better and make more positive changes to College Park that we call home.

The election of the new mayor also has created a vacancy for the District 1 City Council position. The City has announced to look for applicants. The Council plans to appoint a new Council member within a month period. Please read more about this here: https://www.kabircares.org/city-looks-for-applicants-to-fill-district-1-city-council-vacant-position/

Since last Tuesday night’s inauguration, the past few days have been quite eventful. I’ve had numerous opportunities to connect with community members, acknowledge their contributions, and listen to their perspectives.

Last Wednesday evening, I engaged with Calvert Hills Civic Association (CHCA) members and addressed their concerns regarding the quality of life, neighborhood stability, and flooding.

The following day, I participated in the annual Arbor Day tree planting event alongside the City’s Trees and Landscaping Board (TLB) and the North College Park Community Association (NCPCA). That same evening, I attended a meeting hosted by the Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA).

I interacted with many community members on Friday morning during the City Hall’s annual Bike to Work Day event. In the evening, I had the privilege of meeting various volunteers and members of the City’s Boards and Committees at an appreciation event.

Saturday morning began with joining over 50 community members and local police officers for the annual “Ride with a COP” event at Lake Artemisia. Additionally, I visited our local Hollywood Farmers Market.

Lastly, yesterday, I had the delightful opportunity to meet community members and City leaders at a luncheon to express our gratitude. In the days ahead,

I will continue meeting more community members as we embark on this journey together.

(Photo credits: City of College Park, Prince George’s County Police Department, Brian Roan)


Advisory Board Volunteers Wanted

Are you interested in serving on a City Advisory Board?

Serve your community, lend your talents, and meet your neighbors by serving on a City Advisory Board:

  • Airport Authority
  • Animal Welfare Committee
  • Bee City USA
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Board (New)
  • Committee for a Better Environment
  • Education Advisory Committee
  • Ethics Commission
  • Events Advisory Board (New)
  • Seniors Committee
  • Noise Control Board
  • Tree and Landscape Board
  • Veterans Memorial Committee

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete and submit an application (Spanish application) to cityclerkoffice@collegeparkmd.gov by Friday, June 2, 2023. The Mayor and Council will make appointments in June 2023 for three-year terms that begin July 1, 2023.

Airport Authority
The Authority investigates, reviews and reports on current and proposed uses of the College Park Airport and its facilities. Individuals interested in serving on the Airport Authority should have interest and expertise in aviation, historic preservation, and general aeronautical practices.

Animal Welfare Committee
Individuals interested in serving on the Animal Welfare Committee should have interest and expertise in animal care and animal rescue. This committee addresses issues related to domestic and wild animals in the City of College Park. It works with the City Animal Control Officer to promote and educate the public about animal welfare.

Bee City USA
Bee City USA committee members enhance community awareness of urban pollinators in the City of College Park. The Committee will follow the guidelines established by Bee City USA to maintain the City’s affiliation with this organization.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Individuals interested in serving should be interested in improving the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians as they walk and cycle through our City. The committee will assist in the development of City-specific bicycle and pedestrian polices and assist in preparing a City Bikeway Master Plan.

Committee for a Better Environment
Individuals interested in serving on the Community for a Better Environment should be interested in sustainability and environmental advocacy.

Education Advisory Committee
Individuals interested in serving on the Education Advisory Committee will support, strengthen and promote the schools that College Park students attend.

Ethics Commission
The Ethics Commission is established under Chapter 38 of the City of College Park Code. Individuals interested in serving on the City’s Ethics Commission will work to promote the ethical standards outlined in the City Code.

City Events Advisory Board (formerly “Recreation Board”)
The City Events Advisory Board recommends, advises, and assists City staff on budgeted events and recreational activities that meet the interests of the City’s diverse community of residents and attract visitors. Individuals interested in serving on this board should have interest and expertise in entertainment, recreation, social activities and community-building.

Seniors Committee
Individuals interested in serving on the College Park Seniors Committee should be interested in senior advocacy, community building, networking and outreach.

Noise Control Board
Individuals interested in serving on the Noise Control Board should have interest or expertise in mediation, noise measurement and control, code interpretation, administrative law, and fair adjudication.

Tree and Landscape Board
Individuals interested in serving on the Tree and Landscape Board should have an interest and knowledge of trees, landscaping and gardening, and the benefits they provide to urban infrastructure and local ecological and environmental benefits provided to an urban community.

Veterans Memorial Committee
Individuals interested in serving on the Veterans Memorial Committee will be involved in planning the City’s Veterans Day and Memorial Day events to honor our veterans.

City Looks for Applicants to Fill District 1 City Council Vacant Position

On Tuesday, May 16, I was sworn in as Mayor of College Park, leaving a vacancy on the City Council from District 1.

By the City Charter, the vacancy may be filled by appointment within 30 days (by June 15) by a majority vote of the Council. The appointed term will end in December when the next Mayor and Council are sworn in.

Residents interested in applying to fill the Council vacancy must be 18 years old as of June 13, a citizen of the United States, current registered voters in the City, and have lived there for at least one year. The applicant does not need to be a resident of District 1 to be considered but, if appointed, will represent District 1 on the City Council. District 1 is shown in blue on the map below and includes the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Hollywood, Cherry Hill, Daniels Park and Autoville.

Information about the responsibility of the City Council is located in Article III of the City Charter: https://ecode360.com/12119206 and Chapter 62, Section 4 of the City Code: https://ecode360.com/9897014. The City Council meets on Tuesday evenings in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Councilmembers are expected to attend meetings in person except under certain circumstances. Council members are paid $7,000 per year.

If you are interested in being considered to fill the vacant Council seat, please submit a letter of interest with the following information:

1. Your name, address, contact information, and a statement asserting that you meet the above-mentioned qualifications.

2. Information about yourself. This could include your occupation, education, professional background, and community involvement. You may attach a resume.

3. Briefly describe why you should be considered to fill the vacancy.

Letters should be submitted by June 1 at noon in one of the following ways:

  • By email to cityclerkoffice@collegeparkmd.gov with the subject line “Council Vacancy Application.”
  • Mail or hand delivery to Janeen S. Miller, City Clerk, City of College Park, 7401 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 201, College Park, Maryland, 20740.

For more information, please call Ms. Miller at 240-487-3501.

[City of College Park]

Ride with a COP – This Saturday

Join the Prince George’s County Police Department at Lake Artemesia for a friendly bike ride on Saturday, May 20th at 8:30AM! There will be a free helmet giveaway, snacks, and more! Prizes will be awarded for the best-decorated bicycles. I plan to be riding my bike with the community there. Hope to see many of you there!

Berwyn Spring Yard Sale, and Civic Association Meeting

BDCA Monthly Meeting
To day Thursday, May 18, 2023 · 7:30 – 9:00pm, the Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA) will be hosting their monthly meeting at Tacos a La Madre
The BDCA is no longer offering a Google Meet option for our monthly meetings.
The BDCA hopes to see you in-person at this month’s meeting!

Berwyn Spring Yard Sale

The Berwyn Spring Yard Sale is happening this Saturday! Shop sales throughout the Berwyn neighborhood in College Park.

A Message of Gratitude from your New Mayor

[Last night, I was sworn in as the new Mayor of College Park. I made the following remarks at the ceremony]

Good evening, College Park! Thank you all for being here. I am honored by your presence and grateful for the incredible privilege of serving you as the new Mayor of College Park.

I want to begin by expressing my gratitude to our residents for trusting me with this responsibility. I want to thank the community for your patience in the past two and a half months. As we all had to process many complex thoughts, we went through a period of uncertainty. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity and move the City forward.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues, Councilmembers Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Kennedy, and Mr. Haddad, for running spirited campaigns and giving our residents choices during the election and engaging them in dialogue. I want to thank Mayor ProTem Mitchell for serving as the acting Mayor during this transitional period.

Tonight, I am also grateful to my family, my wife, my sons, and their families, Campaigning isn’t easy, so thank you for your sacrifices and for being with me every step of the way. I am glad to have you by my side as we begin this journey.

I am immensely grateful to all the dedicated volunteers and supporters who contributed their time, energy, and unwavering belief in our shared vision. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I also want to take a moment to reflect on my own journey. Growing up in a foreign land, my mother was a schoolteacher, and my father was a humble railway clerk. They both struggled a lot to raise me and my siblings in a small house without many basic amenities we take for granted. This experience allowed me to appreciate the value of hard work, be thankful, and aspire to excel higher in my life, to pursue my doctorate degree, and then cross the Atlantic in search of the American dream.

Along the line, I am incredibly grateful to this country and my neighbors for your love, acceptance and support over the years and for allowing me to serve you. I wasn’t born in this country, I wasn’t raised in this country. I am an immigrant, I am a person of color, and I am a Muslim. Yet you all entrusted me with the biggest opportunity to serve you. By electing me, you have genuinely shown the best of College Park – a truly inclusive, diverse and welcoming community that can be a model for other communities in this country.

To our residents, in the next few days and weeks, I’ll be meeting many of you. You will see me at your civic association meetings, the town halls, the farmers’ markets, and the boards and committee meetings. Many of you are still recovering from the shock that we all just went through. So I want to be on your side as we go through this journey and come out strong and resilient. But most importantly, I want to be in touch with you to hear from you – to get your ideas to move College Park forward.
I am incredibly grateful that so many of you voted for me. But I also want to recognize those of you who chose not to vote for me. Please note – whether you voted for me or not, I will be at your service.

And I’ll be at your service regardless of where you live in our beautiful City – whether in Sunnyside in the north or Calvert Hills in the south – whether in College Park Woods on the west or the College Park Yarrow and Estates on the east. Or Hollywood, Berwyn, Lakeland, or the UMD campus in the middle.

My passion is to hear from you and get things done. When you will ask me something – whether it’s a small or a big one – I may or may not be able to do it, but please know that – I’ll try my best to make it happen! So please keep your ideas coming.

But I also ask you all a favor. Whether I am doing my job right or not, please advise me how I can do better. Please make me accountable for the trust you’ve put in me. We want to take this journey together.

To my City Council colleagues, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a  wonderful team. As a Mayor, my job will be to elevate each one of you, because I truly believe that good leadership is about lifting others up and getting things done as a team. So if any of you on the Council have any idea or opportunity about any part of College Park, please let me know. I will work hard with you as your partner to bring your idea to a reality.

To our wonderful City staff, I want to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for the hard work and dedication you bring to our beloved City. You are the ones who tirelessly run the engine of College Park, and sometimes we selfishly take the credit of your hard work. As the newly elected Mayor, I am excited to have the opportunity to work alongside such a talented and committed team and to make many wonderful things to happen.

We also see many wonderful opportunities ahead of us. We can grow College Park with smart economic development, especially in the Discovery District. We should all be excited to see the Purple Line being built. As Route 1 in south College Park is being redeveloped, we should keep advocating Route 1’s redevelopment in north College Park, while making sure to account for residents’ needs and traffic concerns. I want to see a respectful and strong partnership with the UMD. The University is a pool of talent, and I will work with the University to use that talent to benefit our long-time residents. We should continue to explore ways to bring more affordable housing to College Park. I will also work hard to bring more educational opportunities for all, especially our school students. And I will also ensure that our seniors are supported and valued members of our community.

In conclusion, I am humbled and honored to serve as your Mayor, and I pledge to work tirelessly to make College Park an even better place to call home.

Thank you.

Bike to Work Day – This Friday

The Washington, DC region’s Bike to Work Day (BTWD) will be held on Friday, May 19, 2023. This FREE event is a healthy way to start your day. There will be pit stops in DC, VA and MD for bikers to register. The first 15,000 who register and arrive at one of these pit stops by bike will receive a FREE T-shirt.

You can register for the City’s pit stop here: https://www.biketoworkmetrodc.org/register.

Visit the City of College Park’s pit stop at City Hall 7401 Baltimore Avenue from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. Stop on by to say hello, register or pick up some of our free giveaways, food, and beverages. The event is rain or shine!

Calvert Hills Civic Association Annual Meeting, – Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00PM

The next Calvert Hills Citizens Association (CHCA) meeting will take place this Wednesday at 7PM on zoom.
At this meeting, the association will elect the CHCA board for 2023-2024. They’re interested in growing the size of the board, so please reach out to the association president Dan Oats (email: daniel.mcgary.oates@gmail.com), if you’re interested in helping serve the community by joining the CHCA board or would like to learn more.
In addition, the association will also review plans from the City to update the 2-5 y/o playground equipment on the Calvert Hills Playground and the Old Town playgrounds. You can see the draft plans below:
If you would like to contribute any feedback on these plans before the meeting, please do so here.

Council Set to Approve Detailed Site Plan and Related Departure of Discovery Point

The Terrapin Development Company and Brandywine Realty Trust want to turn a parking lot at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Campus Drive near The Hotel at UMD into two buildings. One will be an 8-story office building with stores on the ground floor, and the other will be a 4-story office building with stores on the ground floor.

The first hearing about the proposal is on June 8, 2023. The developers have to improve the area for pedestrians and bikers as part of the plan and budget. Based on the square footage, they need to know if they have to do everything at once or if they can do it in phases. The project will cost around $150 million to build, bringing in about $1.8 million yearly in property taxes.

At this week’s meeting, the City Council will consider supporting the approval of the detailed site plan and the related Departure with conditions.

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