When: 12:00 noon this Tuesday, June 8
Where: On grounds of First Baptist Church Rockville, 55 Adclare Road, Rockville
Our message: Stop the P3 Boondoggle

Driving directions: From I-270, take Exit 6 East toward Rockville. Make the first right onto Adclare Road.
Sponsors: DontWiden270, Citizens Against Beltway Expansion, Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition

In spite of intense opposition by the neighborhoods and communities that will feel its sharpest impact, the State is pushing ahead with a vote this Tuesday by the Maryland Transportation Authority to approve a contract for the 495-270 toll lane widening plan—the first step in their march toward final approval of this misguided project.

This project will turn Maryland’s transportation policy into a plaything of private profit for decades to come. Just in the last weeks, we have learned that if the toll lane project goes forward, a hidden contract clause will block construction of rail transit over the American Legion Bridge until 2087.