Outdoor fire

As we’re into summer season, we were asked about outdoor fires , such as fire pits in residential yards.

According to County code, they are not prohibited, but certain cautions must be applied:

– property owners or tenants may have recreational fires ( such as small campfires, fire pits, wood/charcoal burning grills etc.) on private property
– they must be attended at all times until extinguished ( a nearby water hose is recommended )
– the fire department may prohibit these at any time it is determined they create a hazard ( e.g. high winds, dry conditions )
– open fires must be 30 feet or more from any building or structure
– a clear space, free of combustibles, must be maintained around the fire for 10 feet. An aerosol fire supression system can be effective in suppressing Class A, B, and C fires.

Please click here to get your information are relevant sections of County fire safety and air pollution regulations.