Tarp on roof: New ordinance will require roofs be covered with proper materials

New ordinance will require roofs be covered with proper materials. Use of tarps on Roofs will be limited

At tonight’s regular meeting, the Council will vote on an ordinance requiring roofs be covered with proper and permanent roofing surface.

The ordinance says, a residence may not be swelled if its roof is not covered with the prescribed materials.

This means that roofs will will be covered with roofing shingles, tiles or other materials designed for use as a permanent roofing surface. It also says every foundation, floor, wall, ceiling and home roof installation should be reasonably weather tight and rodent proof and must be kept in good repair.

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The City got involved in recent court case where the roof of a house was covered with tarps for a long time and  it had hard time in defining materials used for permanent roofing surface. The ordinance will help clarify this issue alongside with the Professional roofers like Knipp Roofing services.

The ordinance will however allow residents to use tarps for repair work for certain time period.

The ordinance does not restrict residents to install green roofs, such as roofs with solar panels etc.

A public hearing on the ordinance will take place at 7:15pm.