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Order of Public Comments and Council Votes on 17-CR-02 at Tomorrow’s Council Meeting

17-CR-02 FlowChartAt the next Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council will be considering one or more amendments to the proposed Charter amendment 17-CR-02 resolution. City staff has produced the following flow chart to help explain the placement of these items at the meeting. You can also see the flow chart here on page 145 of tomorrow’s Council packet.

Residents will get opportunities to comment on one or more of the following amendments to 17-CR-02:

(1) The placement of questions relating to non-U.S. Citizen voting as an advisory referendum on the November 7 ballot, with the exact language to be approved in a Special Session on September 19th.

(2) The establishment of a Voting Rights Commission, with resident representatives from each Council district, to review issues of voting rights for residents of the City of College Park.

(3) Other amendments to 17-CR-02. These may include extending voting rights to only U.S. permanent residents (Green Card holders).

The City Council may vote on one or more of these amendments including the original Charter Amendment 17-CR-02.

Residents can send their comments on these amendments and the original Charter Amendment 17-CR-02 to the Mayor and Council at

All of the public comment received on 17-CR-02 since July has been posted on City’s website, here. Staff took the time to redact personal email addresses but left names and addresses.

I much appreciate your feedback on this important matter. Thank you!


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1 Comment

  1. Harvy

    Why were the public comments removed from the city website? Could it be that it disputes the mayor’s claim that a majority of the public comments were in support of the initiative when in reality, the majority of the comments were against the proposal?

    What many people are failing to realize is the greater impact this would have on the community and that it provides for a very slippery slope for the future. When proposals such as this are implemented, it opens the door for multiple long term issues. You create an environment where non documented people flock to the city because of the benefits and safe haven status. This can lead to overcrowding of homes (this is already occurring) which in turn generates more trash in the community, more vehicles, more noise. Those factors lead to a decrease in property value.

    The council claims to be working to attract more homeowners to the city rather than absentee landlords, but these factors (decreased property value, overcrowding,) are exactly the things that drive potential home buyers away. Now it is time for the council to step up and do more to protect the interest of the homeowners and do more for them to increase their property values rather than institute policies designed to protect non documented people.

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