At last night’s meeting, Staff will provide a preview of the FY2023 budget cycle and review the City’s  Homestead Tax Credit Rate.
In FY 2023, Staff is projecting revenues at levels consistent with the current year. Staff Salaries in the proposed budget will include a 2.5% cost of living adjustment, as negotiated with the union plus estimates for merit increases where applicable. For the last several years, the City Council has maintained a cap of 0%.
With that, the City is providing the maximum property tax relief for homeowners. Staff is recommending to keep City’s Homestead Tax Credit Rate at 0% for FY2023. Staff is recommending the following FY23 budget calendar
(a) Friday, February 4 – Mayor & Council requests and residents’ suggestions for the FY2023 Proposed Budget are due.
(b) Friday, March 11 – FY2023 Proposed Budget & CIP published and posted on the City’s website.
(c) Saturday, March 26 – Budget Worksession.
(d) Tuesday, May 10 – Public Hearings on the Budget and Constant
( e ) Tuesday, May 24 – Adoption of FY2023 Budget and CIP.
Once the draft budget is released, we’re also planning to host a budget town hall to share the budget and get your input.
The City Council is also inviting residents to submit suggestions and recommendations to City staff for the FY2023 Budget.  Preparation is beginning on the Proposed Budget to be published in March 2022 for the City Council’s review and subsequent adoption. The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022. Form Link