For the past 65 days, I’ve crisscrossed neighborhoods throughout College Park, from Sunnyside in the north to Calvert Hills in the south, from College Park Woods on the west to College Park Estates & Yarrows on the east. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet with many new neighbors and reconnect with the old ones.

I listened to residents’ issues on the campaign trail and tried to find solutions.

I’ve been asked about my accomplishments and my vision for College Park.

As you’ll be hitting the poll on election day, please look at what I’ve done for College Park and what I plan to do.

My vision of College Park involves leadership in building community, improving residents’ quality of life, smart economic development, enhanced education, implementing aging-in-place for seniors, solid actions on environmental sustainability, and bringing affordable housing options and transportation choices. Please learn more about my vision by clicking the “Issues and Platform” link below.

I hope to see you at the poll! Thank you for voting!