I’ve been assigned to chair the history and multiculturalism part of the upcoming College Park Day event. I think this will be a great area we can work together to showcase the long and rich heritage and diverse cultural groups in our great city. Here are a few ideas we’ve brainstormed so far. If you’ve further ideas, please feel free to let me know:

  • Language Exhibits: We’ll work with Gary McCone of the Language Museum on exhibits. something similar to this will be exciting:
  • Poster Display Contest: we’ll be working with local schools to prepare posters with pictures and descriptions of their culture, language, heritage, etc.
  • College Park history, local heritage – We’ll get in touch with various residents and the Lakeland Community Heritage Project about presenting pictures of local history, as well as other people who have lived in College Park, and Lakeland community. We’ll also get in touch with the University’s archive project.
  • “Today is History” display – have computer and webcam available for people to take pictures of themselves at the event, and to submit pictures of the event to the Facebook page
  • Possible use of cardboard figures to take pictures, or to digitize images of people’s heads on bodies of historical figures
  • Push-pin display of countries/cities/states where people come from