The recent redevelopment activities in the City have raised questions about the direction of economic development in the City. Here are a few points I want to share:

(1) I will start with the LV Collective’s proposed redevelopment at the Campus Village Shoppe. This plan has yet to come before the City Council. LV acquired the Shoppe in a private transaction, and being the landlord of the complex, they asked the businesses to vacate. These activities happened at the landlord-tenant level. The City had to step in to help the local businesses relocate elsewhere in the City. When LV comes before the City Council with its preliminary plan, we’ll need the community’s input to review the project. We’ll make sure to let you all know when this happens.

(2) On the overall economic development, we’re working on a visioning session to get the community’s input about the potential redevelopment ideas of parcels that may come in the future. The idea is to place ourselves ahead of the developers coming to the City and redevelop those parcels.

(3) We’re also working to get development-related information to the residents as soon as those development plans become public. This may include plans that are submitted to the Planning Board. Often times it takes months for residents to see those plans, as it’s very hard to access these plans.

(4) We’re also developing an Economic Development Plan for the City. This five-to-ten-year plan will offer our residents and City leadership a comprehensive view ofCollege Parks’ growth and impact in the City and Region. This item will be before the Council soon for discussion.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you’ve any questions.