Great news – the Old Parish House will re-open on July 1, 2017! The City will begin taking reservations (for July 1 onward) on June 12.

To reserve the facility for an event, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 240-487-3501.

Earlier last spring, the City of College Park commissioned an “historic structures analysis” of the Old Parish House as part of our overall effort to learn how we can best maintain this almost 200-year-old building. One aspect of that analysis was an inspection by a structural engineer. In assessing the roof, the structural engineer found an unsafe condition with the roof supports and advised that the main hall of the Old Parish House not be occupied until the necessary remedial work has been completed.

The City worked with a contractor to design the needed repairs to the Old Parish House roof. Funding for this project came from the City’s Facilities Capital Reserve fund in the Capital Improvement Projects fund.

Old Parish House