A Route 1 intersection in old town (WTOP)

Representatives from the City, SHA, County and the University of Maryland will be making a major announcement this afternoon about pedestrian safety improvement on Route 1 in old town College Park.

Three people have been killed in the past six months at this small stretch of Route 1.

Officials have been considering a number of safety initiatives for several months, but recent fatal accidents have made them implementing some of these measures sooner.

SHA officials came to last week’s City Council worksession and many in the Council (including me) asked questions about these initiatives, in particular about the time frame to implement them.

Some of the initiatives that are expected to be announced at today’s announcements include

(1) lowering speed limit from 30 to 25 mph

(2) installing in block median barriers

(3) extending speed camera operation hour to late mid night

We expect to have these implemented by the time when the next school year will start this fall or even sooner.

We also expect to get a copy of the report on Route 1 pedestrian safety soon. SHA has been working with other stakeholders for sometime in preparing this report.

You can read more about the announcement here on the WTOP radio site