Starting tomorrow, Friday, October 22, you can cast your November Mid-term election ballots. This opportunity will end on Thursday, October 28. You cannot vote on Sunday, October 24th. 

 The nearest early voting center in our area is College Park Community Center (5051 Pierce Ave. College Park, MD. 20740). The poll center will be open from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Anyone in line by 8:00pm will be allowed to vote.

If you cannot get to the polls during early voting or on the November 2 General election final day, you can vote by mail! Just follow these easy steps:

STEP 1 – Fill out an absentee ballot aapplication absentee ballot application for 2010 elections (PDF)
STEP 2 – Submit your application by Tuesday, October 26
STEP 3 – You will receive your election ballot in the mail
STEP 5 – Mail or hand deliver your completed ballot by Tuesday, November 2

If you hand deliver your ballot, you must deliver it to your local board of elections by 8:00 pm.