North College Park’s First Farmers Market Opens Today

Thanks to the long hard work of many volunteers, north College Park’s first farmers market is going to open this morning at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI Parking lot).

The market committee has lined up quite a few vendors. They include big organic produce farms, such as Calvert Farm, Pleitez Produce, as well as very local farms, such as Sun Splash farm and co-op farms. On the meat and poultry side, we have Ferguson family Farm and Legacy Manor. There will be also a number of baked and other food vendors, such as I-Heart-U, Heavenly Created Desserts, Eastern Delights, Fertile Soil Teas and Tiffany’s Oven.

In addition to produce, meat and dessert vendors, we will also have a number of craft vendors. They include Elements of Nature, Ear Gear, Silent Breading, A Little Pottery, Mahira’s Collections. the Wild Fire Creations and Henna Corner.

Please see the complete list of vendors here on the market’s home page: http://www.hollywoodmarket.org/vendors/

We also want to thank our sponsors to make this market possible. They include MoM’s Organic Market, Carrollton Enterprises and County Council woman Mary Lehman’s office.

Our market will start at 8 am, but our volunteers will be there at 7 am to help vendors setup.

See you all there.

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